Obchodná angličtina na CD

Obchodná angličtina na CD

Autorom kurzu na USB je jazyková škola InLanguage.

Verlag Dashofer , 2017

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O knihe

Obchodná angličtina na CD je určená managerom, riaditeľom, vedúcim pracovníkom či všetkým tým, ktorí sa chcú za veľmi krátky čas zdokonaliť v ovládaní najdôležitejších fráz a slovnej zásoby v oblasti business.

Obchodná angličtina sa v dnešnej dobe stáva samozrejmosťou našich pracovných dní a jej ovládanie ovplyvňuje veľkosť nášho úspechu. Naučte sa s odborným CD základné frázy, naučte sa písať maily v angličtine, disponujte schopnosťou hovoriť v angličtine na profesionálne bussiness úrovni. Je to také jednoduché. Ak už máte základné znalosti, absolvujte jednotlivé lekcie a urobte si záverečný test.



  • greetings (formal vs. informal)
  • introducing yourself, your job position, what do you do, jobs and jobs´ descriptions
  • types of work, ways of working
  • starting a conversation, maintaining or finishing a conversation
  • topics for conversation, obtaining and giving information
  • small talk
  • networking
  • communication with clients


  • introduction to a company
  • history of a company
  • company structure departments, positions, company life
  • organizations (business, commerce, enterprise, limited liability, non profit organizations)
  • mergers, take overs and sell offs
  • businesspeople and business leaders
  • company types and (industrial) branches, arrival at the market
  • corporate events


  • recruitment
  • looking for employees, advertising
  • inviting an applicant to a selection interview, requesting a reference of an applicant, giving a reference
  • selection procedures
  • job interview, making an offer of employment, rejecting a job candidate
  • applying for a job, Cover Letter, Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • pay and benefits
  • problems at work, resolving work conflicts
  • day off work, sick leave, etc.


  • Timeframes and schedules
  • Projects and project management
  • Stress and stress management


  • communication methods, the way of talking
  • writing notes and reports, making and reporting decisions
  • leadership
  • getting people to do things for you, commanding/involving people, querying and clarifying points under discussion
  • problem solving (case studies: solutions to problems in two company, querying information)


  • presenting ideas for products or services
  • buyers and sellers
  • the market, competitors and competition
  • marketing, the four Ps, market orientation
  • brand and branding
  • price and pricing
  • distribution, direct marketing and promotion (advertising, promotional activities)


  • personal finance (traditional banking vs. new ways of banking, personal investments)
  • getting paid (shipping and billing, trade credit, accounts)
  • assets, depreciation, liabilities, balance sheet
  • accounting (profit and loss account, pre tax, net or gross loss or profit)
  • trading (market indexes, market activities)
  • finance and economics (inflation, unemployment, trade, growth and GDP, recession, stagnation, depression)


  • making phone calls getting through, asking to speak to someone, voicemail, spelling names, saying numbers
  • answering phone calls
  • leaving and taking messages, checking information
  • telephone phrases, polite phrases
  • calling to obtain information and taking notes
  • making arrangements, changing arrangements
  • closing conversations
  • handling unexpected phone calls
  • cell phone etiquette


  • attitudes to e mail usage, advantages and disadvantages
  • guide for writing e mails, email expressions, email abbreviations
  • length of e mails, simplicity of e mails
  • choosing an appropriate e mail style
  • answering and exchanging e mails
  • types of paper documentation
  • correcting a formal letter
  • writing letters of complaint and apology, enquiry, offer, order, order confirmation
  • how to structure EB letters, salutations, paragraphs, greetings, comma rules and punctuation, numbers, English date and time, address
  • the Internet and E commerce
  • B2B, B2C, B2G


  • communication with various offices and bureaus, dealing with bureaucracy
  • communication with company offices
  • Filling in a questionnaire
  • asking for information, presenting a claim,
  • diplomatic language, being polite
  • traveling (reserving tickets, at an airport, at a railway station, at a bus station, at a hotel reception hotel services, at a restaurant)
  • complaining, discussing the consequences


  • types of meetings (business meetings, team meetings, consultations, leadership meetings, project meetingss, departmental meeting, meetings with suppliers or customers, board meetings, AGM, EGM…)
  • the role of a chairperson, before the meeting, during the meeting, follow up
  • points of view, opening the meeting, inviting people to speak, making your point, agreement and disagreement, finding consensus or compromise, concluding
  • discussion techniques (hedging, interrupting, referring back,…)
  • incorporating important business issues into general conversation, expressing views on topics of general business interest
  • business lunch (chatting over a business lunch), table manner and etiquette, describing restaurants and national dishes


  • what are the qualities of a good presentation?
  • Types of presentations, preparation, introduction, opening, timing, rapport with audience, key phrases,...
  • a ten point presentation plan
  • giving a speech (pausing, pacing, sentence stress, delivery of a presentation)
  • visual aids, body language, analyses, graphs, number comparison, prognoses, presenting problem solutions, presenting complex numbers and figures, language of presentations
  • concluding a talk, dealing with questions, providing feedback to a presentation


  • English as an international language
  • business across cultures, distances and familiarity
  • names, dresses, business cards
  • entertainment and hospitality
  • cross cultural communication
  • doing the right thing (ethics vs. wrongdoing and corruption)

ISBN: 4579856321564
Vydavateľstvo: Verlag Dashofer
Autori: Autorom kurzu na USB je jazyková škola InLanguage.
Rok vydania: 2017
Rozmer: cd
Jazyk: Anglický

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