Developing Management Skills

Developing Management Skills

Kim S. Cameron David A. Whetten

Pearson , 2015

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O knihe

In its Ninth Edition, Developing Management Skills has become the standard in hands-on management learning. Designed for students of all skill levels and learning styles, the text allows students to apply knowledge to real-world situations, connect concepts to their own lives, and experience management theory in a tactile and engaging way. Updated for tomorrow’s managers, this text features contemporary examples, new skill assessments and cases, updated research, and tangible, relevant goals for students to work toward. Focusing on ten essential skills for success in management, Developing Management Skills focuses on what managers actually “do,” transforming management concepts into practical, actionable techniques. Students will gain hands-on practice applying management concepts with MyManagementLab. They’ll engage in real business situations with simulations, build their management skills by writing and talking about different management scenarios, have access to a videos and current events to help put concepts into perspective, and more.

Edícia: 9th Edition
EAN: 9780133127478
ISBN: 9780133127478
Vydavateľstvo: Pearson
Autori: Kim S. Cameron David A. Whetten
Rok vydania: 2015
Počet strán: 656
Väzba: Paperback
Jazyk: Anglický jazyk

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