Economics of Development: Theory and Evidence Novinka

Economics of Development: Theory and Evidence

A.P. Thirlwall

Red Globe Press

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O knihe

This classic, bestselling textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of development economics. The tenth edition of Tony Thirlwall’s book, now co-written with Penélope Pacheco-López, provides a clear, comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the theory of development economics and the experience of developing countries. Balancing a historic approach with current data and references, it provides a wide-ranging analysis of the subject. This all-inclusive methodology succeeds at representing different schools of thought with a balance of micro and macro topics. An ideal textbook for undergraduate students of economics and other social sciences, it is also suitable for upper undergraduate and master's level modules on development economics as an option on a non-economics degree.

Edícia: 10th Edition
ISBN: 9781137577948
Vydavateľstvo: Red Globe Press
Autori: A.P. Thirlwall
Počet strán: 680
Väzba: Paperback
Jazyk: Anglický jazyk

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