Asperger`s Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide

Asperger`s Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide

Rôzni Autori (editori)

Jessica Kingsley , 2013

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O knihe

The workplace can be a difficult environment for people with Asperger\`s Syndrome (AS) and this often impedes their ability to make use of particular skills and sustain meaningful and fulfilling employment. This is the definitive guide to surviving and thriving in the workplace for people with AS. It includes everything from realistic strategies for meeting employer expectations, to how to get on with your colleagues and work as part of a team, multitask and manage projects, and handle anxiety and effectively resolve problems. Common employment challenges are illustrated through examples from the author\`s extensive experience coaching individuals with AS at all job levels, from entry-level to manager and professional positions. The pragmatic recommendations in the book will benefit anyone with AS who is entering the workforce, as well as those who struggle to maintain employment, or who want to improve their performance and advance their careers.

EAN: 9781849059435
Vydavateľstvo: Jessica Kingsley
Autori: Rôzni Autori (editori)
Rok vydania: 2013
Jazyk: Anglický

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