Breaking the Ink - Abstract Ink art in Mainland China
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Breaking the Ink - Abstract Ink art in Mainland China

Daniela Cziráková Zhang

Veda , 2021

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O knihe

Breaking the Ink - Abstract Ink art in Mainland China offers insight into abstract ink art in mainland China. It is focused on the art of ink, ink to be understood not only as an artistic medium but also as representative of a Chinese cultural identity. The book offers a complex view on cultural and social conditions that accompanied the origin and the controversies about abstract ink art. After a briefing on history, an overview of the most important movements that stood at the birth of abstract art in China, such as the movement of Experimental Ink and Wash, False calligraphy, Maximalism, Yipai, as well as the latest movements and trends such as Neo -modernism are presented in more detail. The book covers several individuals, significant to the birth of the individual movements and artists who worked alone and operated independent from the influences of the movement. In addition to a number of illustrations, the book offers the opinions of artists as they made known during personal meetings and exhibitions.

Edícia: 1
EAN: 9788022418416
ISBN: 978-80-224-1841-6
Vydavateľstvo: Veda
Autori: Daniela Cziráková Zhang
Rok vydania: 2021
Počet strán: 272
Väzba: viazaná
Rozmer: 170x239 mm
Hmotnosť: 0.78 g
Jazyk: Anglický

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