Growing Up Gifted

Growing Up Gifted

8. vydanie

Barbara Clark

Pearson Education , 2012

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O knihe

Growing Up Gifted, 8e features the most up-to-date research on gifted and talented education and covers students from preschool through secondary education. Written by an internationally-known expert, this text explores who gifted learners are, how they become gifted, and discusses methods used to support their learning, growth, and development. Grounded in the latest research on brain function, this edition considers how these new findings can improve teaching tools and learning experiences for gifted students. Revised chapters address culturally responsive teaching, alternative environments, and various models for gifted education. Building on its trusted reputation, this edition helps readers understand intelligence, create environments that maximize gifts and talents, and implement services that develop the potential of gifted learners.

EAN: 9780132620666
Vydavateľstvo: Pearson Education
Autori: Barbara Clark
Rok vydania: 2012
Jazyk: Anglický

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