Idiots Guide: Psychology

Idiots Guide: Psychology

Joni Johnston

Alpha Books , 2014

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O knihe

Authored by a clinical psychologist, "Idiot's Guides: Psychology, Fifth Edition," breaks down all of the complexity of the human mind. Key concepts are explained in plain and simple language, and are supplemented with insightful infographics that help explain each concept in a visual format. Readers will learn everything from the physiology of the brain to the most popular theories of modern psychology to the most famous pioneers in the field (such as Freud and Jung). From behaviorism to social psychology to cognitive psychology, readers will learn what makes all of us tick and why we are who we are.

EAN: 9781615645039
ISBN: 9781615645039
Vydavateľstvo: Alpha Books
Autori: Joni Johnston
Rok vydania: 2014
Jazyk: Anglický jazyk

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