Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT

P. E. Christian, Waterstram, K. M. Rich

Elsevier Ltd , 2011

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O knihe

A comprehensive guide to procedures and technologies, Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT: Technology and Techniques provides a single source for state-of-the-art information on all aspects of nuclear medicine. Coverage includes relevant anatomy and physiology and discusses each procedure in relation to the specific use of radiopharmaceuticals and the instruments required. Edited by experts in nuclear imaging and PET/CT, Paul E. Christian and Kristen M. Waterstram-Rich, this edition has a new chapter on MRI as it relates to nuclear medicine and includes practical, step-by-step instructions for procedures.

EAN: 9780323071925
ISBN: 9780323071925
Vydavateľstvo: Elsevier Ltd
Autori: P. E. Christian, Waterstram, K. M. Rich
Rok vydania: 2011
Počet strán: 760
Väzba: hardback
Jazyk: Anglický

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