Nystagmus In Infancy and Childhood

Nystagmus In Infancy and Childhood

R. W. Hertle

Oxford University Press , 2013

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O knihe

Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood is a highly-illustrative and thoughtfully written text that provides clinicians and scientists with detailed yet concise information regarding our current understanding, evaluation, and treatments of nystagmus in infancy and childhood. Throughout the text are clinical pearls and narrative observations intended to help the reader appreciate the enormous strides forward in the past 50 years of nystagmus research. Timely and comprehensive, this book is an everything you need to know resource, and will provide the reader with: - detailed methodologies of investigation, including analysis software, models of the ocular motor system, and current hypotheses regarding ocular motor oscillations - complementary appendices that can be used for special purposes, i.e., as clinical examination sheets, patient information sheets, and algorithm for computer analysis of nystagmus waveforms - new therapeutic approaches, using relevant eye-movement data and mechanisms - a roadmap toward a more rational, data-driven approach to the medical management of infantile nystagmus As the only resource effectively comprising the past 50 years of nystagmus research and therapeutic implications, Nystagmus in Infancy and Childhood will be a comprehensive and invaluable guide to for both clinicians and scientists who care for infants and children with nystagmus.

EAN: 9780199857005
ISBN: 9780199857005
Vydavateľstvo: Oxford University Press
Autori: R. W. Hertle
Rok vydania: 2013
Počet strán: 234
Väzba: hardback
Jazyk: Anglický

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