Obesity, An Issue of Medical Clinics

Obesity, An Issue of Medical Clinics

E. Karnieli, D. LeRoith

Elsevier Ltd , 2011

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Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic that is also driving the marked increase in Type 2 diabetes across the globe. While it is easily recognizable clinically, and readily measurable in the United States, a feature that is not well recognized is the central adiposity that may be the only or primary feature in South East Asian communities. Thus it is imperative for clinicians to be brought up to date in order for preventative or therapeutic modalities are introduced early in the disease process.

EAN: 9781455723690
ISBN: 9781455723690
Vydavateľstvo: Elsevier Ltd
Autori: E. Karnieli, D. LeRoith
Rok vydania: 2011
Väzba: hardback
Jazyk: Anglický

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