Taylor's Recent Advances in Surgery 39

Taylor's Recent Advances in Surgery 39

Michael Douek Rachel Hargest

JP Medical Publishers (ML) , 2018

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O knihe

Surgery is a constantly evolving specialty in medicine – research and technological advances have made surgical procedures safer and more effective and offer shorter recovery times. Recent Advances in Surgery 39 is the latest volume in the annually-publishing series that reviews current topics in general surgery and its major subspecialties. Divided into eight sections, the book begins with topics of generic interest to surgeons, followed discussion on subspecialty surgeries including upper and lower gastro-intestinal, hepato-pancreato-biliary, and vascular. This new volume features practical notes on surgical management conditions, advanced novel technologies such as radiotherapy techniques for LGI surgeries, and new developments including 3D printing in surgery. The final section describes clinical trials. With contributions from recognised experts, the majority from throughout the UK, this new volume covers all the latest developments in surgery, providing excellent revision material for professional examinations, and helping consultant surgeons keep up to date across the specialty. Key points Latest volume in series bringing postgraduates and surgeons up to date with the latest advances in general surgery and its subspecialties Features new developments such as 3D printing and advanced novel technologies Includes review of recent randomised clinical trials Recognised editor and author team, based mainly in the UK

Edícia: 1
ISBN: 9789352702862
Vydavateľstvo: JP Medical Publishers (ML)
Autori: Michael Douek Rachel Hargest
Rok vydania: 2018
Počet strán: 200
Väzba: Paperback
Jazyk: Eng

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