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The Holy Grail of Investing

Tony Robbins

Simon&Schuster , 2024

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Tony Robbins, who has coached more than fifty million people from 100 countries, is the world's #1 life and business strategist. In this new book, he teams up with Christopher Zook, a renowned financial investor who draws from thirty years of experience to round out the trilogy of #1 New York Times bestselling financial books. Together they reveal how, for decades, trillions of dollars of smart money - think of large institutions, sovereign wealth funds, individuals with ultra-high-net worth - have been making outsized returns using alternative investments in private equity, private credit, private real estate, energy and venture capital. Until recently, the vast majority of investors - those of us without insider access or eye-popping checkbooks - have been locked out of these exciting, high-yield opportunities. But there is a change underway. Alternative investments are coming to the masses, and investors need to know how to navigate their options, assess the merits of these opportunities, and determine how to best take advantage of this massive trend. In The Holy Grain of Investing, you'll discover: Where opportunities will arise as we transition from the 'free money' era of zero interest rates to a new more realistic environment. How to take advantage of the trillions flowing into private investments by owning a piece of the firms that manage the assets. How to take advantage of private credit as an alternative (or compliment) to bonds. How and why professional sports teams have become an asset class of their own. How the renewable energy revolution will create new winners and losers. How investments in private real estate can work as an inflationary hedge. Interviews, advice, and insights from some of the world's most formidable titans of industry, such as Howard Marks of OakTree Capital, Vinod Khosla of Khosla Capital, Barry Sternlicht of Starwood, Robert Smith of Vista, and Peter Theil of Founders Fund, among others. The market is changing, and the conventional wisdom no longer applies. Are you ready to add some fuel to your financial fire? No matter your wealth, your experience, your job, or your age, The Holy Grail of Investing will teach you everything you need to know to unleash the financial power of alternative investments.

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Vydavateľstvo: Simon&Schuster
Autori: Tony Robbins
Rok vydania: 2024
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