Wired for Culture

Wired for Culture

Mark Pagel

Penguin , 2013

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O knihe

The Natural History of Human Cooperation What explains the staggering diversity of cultures in the world? Why are there so many languages, even within small areas? Why do we rejoice in rituals and wrap ourselves in flags? In Wired for Culture Mark Pagel, the world\`s leading expert on human development, reveals how our facility for culture is the key to what makes us who we are. Shedding light on everything from art, morality and affection to jealousy, self- interest and prejudice, Pagel shows that we developed culture - cooperating together and passing on knowledge - in order to survive. Our minds are hardwired for culture, and it still determines how we speak, who we love, why we kill and what we think today.

EAN: 9780141031606
Vydavateľstvo: Penguin
Autori: Mark Pagel
Rok vydania: 2013
Jazyk: Anglický

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